At Neel Dentistry you will experience the uniqueness of our practice from the moment that you make your appointment. Your initial appointment with a dentist Welwyn Garden City will be up to one hour because we want to get to know you and conduct a thorough examination. Don’t worry about parking, we provide free parking. Your personal expectations of your dental practice are important to us and we will encourage you to discuss these with us. Your consultation will include X-rays, digital scanning, oral cancer health check, sleep apnoea screening, a gum health assessment and orthodontic screening. We believe in the holistic approach to dentistry and will ask about your medical history. We will then engage with you about the optimal treatment plan that is best suited to your particular needs and requirements.

Anxiety control

All the members of our team are well versed in how to help a nervous patient to relax and feel comfortable. Once you are a patient of ours you will be able to take confidence from the fact that all your treatments can be delivered, in house. The facility for each dentist Welwyn Garden City to discuss and consult with one another enhances the dynamic of the team ensuring that you get the best treatment available. Every treatment that we deliver is carefully considered beforehand to ensure your health and safety.

Multi disciplined team

The expertise and qualifications of our team allows us to offer you the full range of oral health disciplines from minor to the most complex. Even a minor procedure, like teeth whitening, is handled with the utmost care. We will firstly identify the staining or discolouring of your teeth and then create a bespoke solution and gum shield to ensure that your teeth and gums are not damaged and that you do not experience any irritation. When it comes to more complex procedures such as root canal therapy or dental implants, the skills and expertise of our team will ensure that you receive unrivalled treatment.


The impact of technology on all our lives is evident wherever you go and we have embraced this new revolution to the benefit of our patients. Dentistry is constantly researching ways to deliver painfree procedures. The digital wand is one of those inventions which we use to deliver targeted local anaesthesia. This reduces the pain and also ensures that the numbness is only located in the specific area required. You therefore won’t have to walk around with your lips numb for ages after your treatment. For less invasive dentistry we use a Crystal Air Abrasion tool instead of a dental drill. For those procedures that require perfect precision we have the right tool, in the form of a Kaps Dental Microscope. Misaligned teeth can be treated with the latest Invisalign dental aligners. Using a digital scanner we can produce a 3D image of the inside of your mouth. You are also able to view this image so that you can see how your teeth will look after treatment. The software used also allows us to use the speed and accuracy of digitisation to communicate with the laboratory, speeding up the process. Instead of traditional dental braces which are attached to the front of your mouth, these aligners fit over your teeth, in the style of a gumshield. You are also able to remove them to brush your teeth, eat and drink, making for an overall more comfortable experience.

Facial aesthetics

Even our dentist Welwyn Gardens who delivers our facial aesthetics treatments has experience in maxillofacial surgery. You can confidently experience our comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments in our treatment rooms, safely, in the hands of a qualified and experienced clinician.