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Where do you place on the Anxiety Scale?

Fear of costs

We will give you an itemised estimate before we proceed with any major work which we ask you to sign when understood. We have 0% finance where applicable and a monthly maintenance plan. We can stagger treatment and costs over time where appropriate. We will help you ensure that your dentistry is long lasting and thus cost-effective.

Scared of the noise and lack of control

We can play music or you can wear headphones. We have the latest equipment which is less noisy and quicker than before. We can divide your appointment times into a series of shorter visits if that would help. We would always listen to you.

Scared of needles / I’m worried that it might hurt

We have an amazing system called the wand which delivers painless anaesthetic with no numb lip and tongues afterwards! Call us for actual patient testimonials from our recent questionnaire.

We do everything we can to make you relaxed and comfortable as anxiety can increase pain levels.

I’m embarrassed by my teeth and gums

Trust us we’ve seen a lot worse than you can imagine! If you suffer from poor oral health, missing or rotten teeth or bad breath don’t worry it’s our job to get you back to a great healthy smile with the confidence and happiness that brings to your life. Some of our most rewarding and enjoyable work is transforming smiles like these.

Nervous Patients