Why We Are Different

As well as the health of your teeth been paramount for you to eat and speak. We also understand how important and how valuable A smile is.

Our hand-picked team of clinicians and team members can provide a unique and holistic approach to dentistry

Initially, we would check your medical health as there are conditions that can affect your mouth and vice versa and we will find out about your personal concerns and wishes.

When you are ready we will thoroughly examine you and this includes your jaws and muscles, how your bite functions and the health of your teeth, gums and an oral cancer check.

We will also look at the aesthetics of your smile is this is of concern to you.

We take Digital x-rays and photographs to help communicate abs monitor any issues and if necessary ct and digital scans.

We would then normally ask you to return to enable us to fully cogitate over the options available to you.

For simpler cases, a treatment plan will be discussed on the day.

There are always options to discuss and we have to work together to provide what’s best for you and your lifestyle.

Our job is to give you a range of options and discuss the benefits of each.

We would also provide you with an estimate of costs and encourage you to join our club membership in order to keep healthy and save money.

New Patients
New Patients