Did you know that braces have come a long way over the years? Here at Neel Dentistry, braces are now available in various colours, materials and styles. In fact, you no longer have to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about wearing braces, as they are quite fashionable in certain circles. And while they may require some extra care and attention, they can definitely be worth it in the long term.

What are braces, and what do they do?

Braces are a type of orthodontic appliance that is used to correct dental misalignment. They work by applying gentle pressure to the teeth, which moves them into the desired positions over time. Braces can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, ceramic or plastic.

Treatment times vary from patient to patient; however, most patients will need to wear braces for at least 12 months.

Types of braces – metal, ceramic, lingual

There are three main types of braces: metal, ceramic and lingual. Metal braces are the most common type and are made from stainless steel. They are durable and effective at correcting dental misalignment.

Ceramic braces are made from tooth-coloured ceramic materials and are less visible than metal braces; they are a good option for patients who want their treatments to go unnoticed. However, ceramic braces are slightly more fragile than metal braces.

Lingual braces are made from metal and attach to the back of the teeth, making them invisible from the front. They can be difficult to get used to at first, but they are a good option for those who want to keep their treatments discreet.

How to choose the right braces

The first step in getting braces is to schedule a consultation with our dentist Welwyn Garden City. During this appointment, we will assess your teeth and bite to determine whether you are a good candidate for braces. If we determine that you do need braces, the next step will be to choose the type of brace that will be right for you.

Braces and how to finance them

Once you have figured out the type of brace you will need, the next step is pricing orthodontic treatment. For an adult, this will be substantial, but that is why our dentist Welwyn Garden City has many options for you to finance your new smile.

With Tabeo finance, you can break up costs over many months, turning a sudden expense into manageable instalments that can be integrated into your budget.

Braces care tips – how to keep your braces clean and healthy

Orthodontic braces are a great way to improve your smile, but they need to be taken care of properly in order to remain effective and not induce cavities. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and brush your braces thoroughly after meals. Floss your teeth once a day using a floss threader to get beneath the archwires. Be sure to avoid sugary drinks and snacks, as these can promote tooth decay. Visit our dentist Welwyn Garden City regularly for checkups and adjustments. With the proper care, your braces will help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile!