As we grow in years our faces start to show signs of the ageing process in the form of wrinkles, folds, and other features such as crow’s feet. To some people, these features are the signs of being older and wiser, while to others they are unwanted blemishes upon their faces that they wish to have removed.

If you are someone who has developed unwanted wrinkles and lines on your face, then you may have tried to look for a way to keep them at bay and regain a fresh look to the skin of your face that will remind you of your youth. Maybe, you have investigated the many moisturising creams and other remedies that are available in the UK market that promise to help you look younger, just to be disappointed with the results.

At Neel Dentistry we understand that no one wants to grow old and that there are a growing number of people who are looking for ways to regain their youthful looks. For this reason, we have decided to offer a range of injectable cosmetic treatments that can be safely administered by our dentist Welwyn Garden City.

A boost to your confidence

Let’s get the main negative out of the way and turn it on its head, so it becomes a positive.

We understand that a big barrier that stops people from receiving any form of cosmetic treatment is the thought of what other people may think, to which we say treatment is not about other people. If receiving an injectable cosmetic treatment to make your face appear younger again makes you feel more confident about yourself and improves your self-esteem, then that is a positive thing that no one has the right to make you feel negative about.

Our dentist Welwyn Garden City believes that everyone should seek to feel as confident as they can throughout life, if this can be gained via a cosmetic treatment then we would support this in most cases. Though we do recognise there are cases where treatment is not the right way to go, this would be fully discussed at a patient’s consultation.

Your consultation time

Should you wish to investigate the use of facial aesthetics, you will need to attend a short consultation so your requirements can be fully assessed. At this consultation you will be taken through all the options available to you, with each being fully explained to you. Their different uses will be outlined to allow you to clearly understand the treatments and their effects.

You will also be taken through the things you need to do to prepare for treatment, as well as the aftercare process. These things are extremely important as they will help you to get the most out of any treatment you receive and to do so in a safe manner. It is recommended that patients follow all the health advice they are given when receiving injectable cosmetic treatments.

Receiving these treatments at our dentist Welwyn Garden City is totally safe and we are sure that any patient we treat will be happy with the results.