We know you may not think of a dental practice providing facial aesthetics treatments in the form of injections, as when you think about the activities taking place at our practice your mind will probably go to fillings or tooth extractions. These are the commonly thought of activities by most people when they are asked to think about a dental practice. However, you may not realise that many dental practices are now offering services that are not often considered treatments that they would normally present to their patients, this includes injectable cosmetic treatments.

Our dentist Welwyn Garden City has decided to offer injectable cosmetic treatments to  patients, as we want those who are looking to undergo these treatments to be able to do so in a safe and comfortable environment, staffed by highly trained professionals. It also allows our practice to offer you and other patients a wider range of services and treatment, with the hope this will lead to you engaging more with our practice.

Treatment provided by a trained professional

We know that there has been a growth in the number of people and businesses offering injectable cosmetic treatments in recent years, a simple search on many social media sites will show this to be true, but we would advise caution when approaching anyone offering these treatments by advertising on social media alone. While these people say they are fully trained to provide the treatments they are offering, the truth is many of them have attended a short course (often lasting less than a week) and may have no other medical background.

Our dentist Welwyn Garden City will never seek to put you off having any treatment you wish to receive, but we do want you to receive all treatments you have in a safe environment that has the staff who are capable of coping with an emergency should they need to.

You should also consider the complexity of the face, as under the skin are hundreds of tiny muscles that can be easily damaged by placing an injection in the wrong position. Dental professionals are highly trained to administer injections into different areas of the face, this means you are in the safest hands possible if you choose this route to receive an injectable cosmetic treatment.

Smoother skin on your face

As you age your skin starts to lose the hyaluronic acid that is underneath it naturally, this then causes the muscles to tighten and can create wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet on someone’s face, giving them an aged look. By using facial aesthetics treatments, our dentist Welwyn Garden City can replace the lost hyaluronic acid, helping the muscles to relax and expand, this then starts to fill out the skin surface to create a fresher, smoother, and younger look to the area treated.

We want you to understand that these injections will not provide a permanent solution to wrinkles and frown lines, as the effects may last up to six months at the most, however you can receive top-up treatments to create a longer-lasting effect.