Your oral health and hygiene should be treated with some importance, you need to see the mouth as the gateway to the body, as we use it to allow us to take in food and drink in order to provide ourselves with energy. By taking care of teeth, gums and other aspects of the mouth we can ensure that our ability to use this area of our faces is unhindered, so nothing can prevent us from taking in food or communicating with others.

It is crucial that you do the things you must to look after every aspect of the mouth fully, this includes cleaning your teeth and gums by brushing twice daily as recommended by dental professionals. Another thing you can do to help you look after your oral health and hygiene needs is ensure you are registered with our dentist Welwyn Garden City so you have the ability to attend regular check-ups and are provided with the opportunity to receive any treatment you may need or that is recommended to you.

Prevention is always better than the cure

By attending your regular check-ups with our dentist Welwyn Garden City, you can start to develop a system of monitoring for any progress within your oral health and hygiene needs with a dental professional, this will then enable any issues to be identified and treated in the early stages of development. This should then prevent them from becoming problematic and reduce the need for any invasive dental treatment, such as fillings or extractions.

You should also see the check-up time at our practice, Neel Dentistry, as giving you the opportunity to start a dialogue with us about anything involved in your dental treatment. By asking questions and having a conversation you will gain a greater understanding of your needs and any treatment that is being recommended to you. Research shows that a patient who has an understanding of their needs and any treatment they are being advised to undergo often becomes more co-operative and responds better to any treatment they are receiving.

You must keep in mind no medical professional will be angry with you for asking questions. We encourage patients to ask questions and talk, as we want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible before going ahead with treatment and discussion is one of the contributions that may help to encourage comfort in the patient’s mind.

If you find you need treatment

If you find you need treatment then our dentist Welwyn Garden City will make you the promise that you will be treated in a professional manner, with dignity and respect. You will only have treatments recommended to you that address your needs at the time, where the treatment being discussed is the most appropriate solution to resolve the issue that has been identified within your oral health requirements.

We want you to remember who the most important person in the room is when you are receiving any treatment and that is you as the patient. Without patients our dental professional cannot do their job, we want you to feel at ease and in control before you undergo any procedure.