When it comes to cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening, dentists believe there are two main priority areas: efficacy or quality of results and safety. Both these priority areas can be comfortably accommodated by having our dentist Welwyn Garden City carry out the procedure for you.

A dental study carried out in the UK concludes that we smile 11 times a day on average. Smiling has immense benefits for physical and mental wellbeing, so the more often you smile, the better it is for you. But to smile a great smile, you need bright and healthy teeth, which is where teeth whitening can play an influential role.

At Neel Dentistry, we have a well-experienced dentist Welwyn Garden City who offers high-quality teeth whitening to patients wanting to put their best face forward. Patients are always interested to know what makes an in-clinic teeth whitening procedure a better option than off-the-shelf teeth whitening products. Therefore, we thought to bring you the biggest benefits of choosing the dentist Welwyn Garden City over do-it-yourself.

Biggest benefits of teeth whitening at the dentist

We like to think, and patients tend to agree, that it is the quality of desired results that is the main benefit. After all, when it comes to cosmetic procedures, it is the results that really matter. Why then does the quality of an in-clinic procedure trump the do-it-yourself method? There are multiple factors at play.

The first factor deals with the level of active bleaching ingredients contained in the products. The active bleaching chemicals used to brighten teeth can cause serious damage if not used correctly by a trained professional. This is why off-the-shelf products contain very little amounts of these chemicals and only work on minor teeth discolouration issues.

For patients with deep teeth staining issues, they will need a higher concentration of active bleaching ingredients, which can only be found at a dental clinic. The legislation allows for a trained and qualified dental professional to apply a high concentration of bleaching ingredients to teeth.

Our dental professionals are well-suited to conduct a reliable oral health check. Patients may not be aware of this, but sometimes their tooth discolouration is not due to the foods they eat but because of an underlying oral health issue. For these patients, no amount of off-the-shelf products will work as long as the dental issue remains untreated. Having our dentist carry out an examination to determine the actual cause of staining is the correct way to proceed for anyone wanting to brighten their teeth.

One of the risks of the do-it-yourself route is that patients in their overzealous attempts to achieve a brighter effect may end up damaging their teeth. They may keep the product on teeth for far longer than recommended or use the product too frequently. The costs of treating the damage may end up costing the patient more than if they had opted for an in-clinic procedure in the first place.

The best part of visiting the dentist for any cosmetic dental procedure is individualised treatment plans. At Neel Dentistry, we customise dental care that targets our patients’ individual needs and goals. Give our friendly reception desk a call and they will arrange an appointment for you.