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Dental Implants in Welwyn

Why have your dental implants at Neel dentistry?

We have a team of Specialists, Consultants and Clinicians providing high-level treatment using the best laboratories and materials in a highly caring, state of the art, comfortable environment.

We use the highest quality dental Implants with long term research and development.

A lot of experience, planning and time is spent preparing for your implant treatment by the whole team.
So you can rest assured that you are in the best of hands.
We are there for you after treatment to help you keep your teeth healthy for life.

We ensure that you are provided with all the information that you need before during and after the surgery and are here to guide you through the procedure with the greatest of care.

Dental implants

Dental implants are considered the most effective replacement for missing teeth. A dental implant replaces the root of a tooth, which can support a crown, a denture or a bridge. Dental implants provide a very secure solution.

What are dental implants and how do they work?

A dental implant is a small titanium alloy post, acting as a replacement for the root of a tooth. Titanium is a biocompatible metal that has the ability to join to the jawbone.

What are the stages in having an Implant placed?

Then on the day of treatment the gum is carefully folded back to allow the placing of the implant into the jawbone.

If there is a deficiency of bone or gum this will have been planned and addressed with grafting solutions.

Once the implant has integrated with the bone tissue an abutment fitting is secured to the implant to then which the crown or bridge can be attached.

Impressions are subsequently taken and once fitted dental implants can support a variety of restorations, including:

Dental crowns, for the replacement for a single missing tooth.

Dental bridges, when several or all the teeth are in need of replacement.

Dental implant solutions for missing teeth

Single missing tooth
Implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth.
A titanium screw replaces the root of a tooth. A crown is then attached to fill the gap and restore a natural looking smile.

Multiple missing teeth treatments
Implants can be used to replace multiple lost teeth. The dental implants support fixed bridges.

Implants in a day

Where people are unfortunate to have no teeth, multiple implants can be placed and the patient can be transformed by the end of the day with a whole new smile. This is trialled for several months to ensure the best final fitting.

Fixed dentures
Denture Stabilization Implants can be used to secure loose dentures.

Implant supported dentures eradicate the problems of dentures becoming loose or painful.

How much does it cost?

The treatment fee for implants depends on the nature and complexity of the individual case and thus a bespoke quote is always provided. Generally Implants start from £3000.

What is the maintenance that is required?

As with your teeth there are films of bacteria called biofilm and plaque that start to appear on implants. This can damage the gums and bone that keep the implant in place. Thus your cleaning of your teeth and implants is vital and recommendations are to see a dental hygienist every three months.

Does it hurt?

Placing implants can be a pain free procedure as we ensure that the entire area is strongly anaesthetised prior to the treatment. We test that you are totally comfortable prior to starting the treatment.

Sedation techniques are available to make the treatment extremely comfortable and is thus suitable for nervous patients.

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