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Young Smiles in Welwyn

“Tooth decay is the leading cause of hospital admissions in primary school children” *

At Neel dentistry, we put a high priority on children’s health and education, with our team of Specialists, Dentist’s and Therapists we are continually improving our care to ensure no child has to suffer unnecessarily.

We believe teaching children to care for there teeth is so important in preventing a lifetime of dental treatment.

Education and prevention will help them maintain a healthy happy smile for life. Our team will try to make visiting the dentist fun so they enjoy caring for their teeth.

We know sometimes they may require some dental intervention to treat decay and get them out of pain. We will spend the time to build their confidence and have various techniques to help make the visit stress free as possible for child and parent.

We have therapists and an Orthodontist providing expert care for all young smiles. Dental plans are recommended for families and children that are regular attendees. Our current children’s plan is £9.75pm this includes 1 examination 2 hygienist visits, 2 fluoride application, routine small x-rays, oral hygiene advice, 10% off restorative treatment, and worldwide dental insurance.

We would encourage all parents to consider the plan, not just allowing us to take a preventative approach to their child’s dental health but to save money as well.

If you wish to pay as you go, please could I draw your attention to the new fees below?

These are in effect as of January 2019.


0-3 £0.00 (for registered parents)
3-6 £15.00
6-16 £30.00
16-18 £45.00
18+ £60.00
Hygienist Visit From £60.00
Fluoride application £20.00
Fissure Sealants £40.00
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